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Quick Company Formation in Dubai

ProFounders offers comprehensive services to facilitate business setup in Dubai. Our expertise lies in navigating the complexities of establishing a firm, ensuring a seamless transition for our clients. From company registration to managing business needs, processing crucial documents, handling visa applications, and residency requirements, to acquiring trade licenses and opening a corporate bank account, our proficient business setup consultants in Dubai are dedicated to standing as your dedicated partner in setting up your foothold in the country.

Further, we understand the importance of managing costs, and our tailored approach not only covers every aspect of your Dubai company setup but also emphasizes cost-effectiveness, alleviating concerns about the UAE business setup cost. With us, you can confidently focus on propelling your business forward while we take care of the groundwork. Call us now if you seek a business setup near me or book our free consultation.

Our Business Setup Services in UAE Include

Selecting the Right Jurisdiction

We guide you in selecting the most suitable jurisdiction for your organization, focusing on Mainland and Freezone areas, each offering unique benefits tailored to different business needs.

Preparation of Documents

We ensure a hassle-free procedure by handling all necessary paperwork, document clearance, translation, attestation, etc., streamlining the entire process of business setup in UAE.

Obtaining your Trade License

We assist in getting your business license, securing approvals from the UAE governmental bodies and relevant authorities, ensuring compliance and legal operation within the region for company formation in Dubai.

Processing your Visa and Emirates ID

Facilitating the employment visa application process, we ensure that businesses comply with the UAE's regulations by submitting their residence visa status within 30 days after the employee's entry into the UAE.

Opening a Bank Account

As a trustworthy business setup company in Dubai, we extend our services in assisting you to open a corporate bank account, ensuring your business's financial operations are set up efficiently.

Choose Your Jurisdiction


A company formation in Dubai Mainland offers unparalleled advantages and opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to establish a strong presence in the region. This includes freedom to conduct business activities anywhere within the UAE, a diverse range of investment opportunities, no limit on the number of visas, and a broad scope of trading and conducting business activities within and outside the country.


For enterprises seeking flexibility, autonomy, and attractive incentives, establishing a presence in one of the UAE's 50 free zones is an excellent choice. Starting a company in Dubai Free Zone offers various advantages such as full ownership, exemption from corporate and income taxes, zero customs duties, and the freedom to repatriate all capital and profits.

Our Process for Setting Up a Business in Dubai

ProFounders offer consistent updates and immediate access to every project’s progression through its various phases. Below is a glimpse into our operational framework.


We prioritize active listening to comprehensively understand your goals and challenges. This forms the foundation for us to develop tailored solutions for a company setup in Dubai that precisely matches your unique needs.


Collaborating closely with you, we delve into your specific requirements, preferences, and desired timelines. This enables us to meticulously construct a comprehensive roadmap that guides our strategic approach.


Guided by our in-depth insights and strategic roadmap, we offer end-to-end support, ensuring your requirements are executed efficiently and within your stipulated timeframe.


Our commitment to excellence is embodied in this phase, where we bring your customized solutions to life, making certain they meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.


Beyond project execution, our dedicated team remains at your side, providing ongoing support and assistance to ensure the continued success of your initiatives.


As your needs evolve and market dynamics shift, we are prepared to adapt and refine our strategies, ensuring your long-term objectives remain at the forefront.

How to Estimate the Business Setup Cost in Dubai?

The cost of setting up business in Dubai depends on several variables such as the nature of the business operation, the chosen jurisdiction, and the number of owners necessitating visas. For an accurate assessment of expenses, explore our packages.

Starts from 5,900 AED

UAE Freezone Company Setup

- No visa

Starts from 19,900 AED

UAE Freezone Company Setup

- Including 1 visa

Starts from 12,900 AED

Dubai Freezone Company Setup

- No visa

Starts from 22,900 AED

Dubai Freezone Company Setup

- Including 1 visa

Starts from 18,900 AED

Dubai Mainland Company Setup

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Broad Industry Experience

Tailored Services

Comprehensive Support

Skilled and Versatile Staff

Competitive Prices

Great Understanding of UAE company Setup Laws

Additional Services We Offer

Apart from business setup services in Dubai, ProFounders also offers an array of other services which include:

Concierge Services

Our concierge services are designed to provide you with personalized assistance and convenience, ensuring your business and personal needs are met with the utmost attention to detail.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We provide professional accounting and bookkeeping services to ensure your financial records are accurate, up-to-date, and compliant with local regulations. Our experts assist in streamlining your financial processes, offering insights and strategies to optimize your business's financial health.

PRO Services

Our PRO services in UAE simplify the complexities of governmental procedures and documentation for your venture. We ensure the timely submission and processing of all required legal documents, aiding in visa applications, business licenses, and more, to keep your operations running smoothly.

Document Clearance

We specialize in efficient document-clearing services, facilitating the swift processing of various business-related documents. Our Dubai business setup consultants ensure that all your papers comply with UAE laws and regulations, reducing delays and helping you focus on your core business functions.

Document Translation and Legalization

Our document translation and legalization services are designed to meet the needs of organizations operating in a multilingual environment. We provide accurate and certified translations, along with the necessary legalization, to ensure your documents are valid and recognized internationally.

Trusted by Founders from Multiple Countries

Fredrick Makhlouf
Fredrick Makhlouf
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Very knowledgeable and professional. They never hesitate to answer your calls and reply to any questions you ask them. They always elaborate well and detailed oriented. Not money oriented.
Antonio Paolo Jimenez
Antonio Paolo Jimenez
Read More
ProFounders, they are client oriented, professional and help client on what is the goal and needs. The services they provide is worth the cost you pay. They only bill you based on the need. They will truly succeed in the Future. 🙂
Eric Bidinger
Eric Bidinger
Read More
Great great service from Nedal - would recommend him over any other service providers in Dubai who charge you exorbitant sums but treat you just like another anonymous number on a conveyer belt. Nedal is exactly the opposite - personalised, meticulous and client focused, proactively solving problems and making sure your concerns are dealt with in a bespoke manner. Very very happy I switched to ProFounder
John Ferguson
John Ferguson
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Have worked with Nedal for some time now and can only give 5 stars in every aspect. Perfect and professional assistance is all anyone can ask for as a client and to date that’s what we have had.
Bridge Global Consulting
Bridge Global Consulting
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Outstanding experience with Nedal! Not only did he expertly guided us through establishing company residency and opening bank accounts, but he consistently made himself available to answer all questions. His dedication and commitment go above and beyond what's typical in the industry. Highly recommend for anyone seeking comprehensive and professional assistance.
Sal McMillan
Sal McMillan
Read More
I have worked with Nedal for a number of years and found him to be extremely personable and helpful, as well as extremely knowledgeable. He is highly responsive to any questions and has never failed to be my first phone call regarding anything to do with company set up / visas / contractual questions / permits and any other relevant queries. Highly recommended 👍👍
Nisar Talabany
Nisar Talabany
Read More
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the outstanding assistance provided to me by ProFounders team during my Golden Visa application process. Your expertise and customised service made all the difference. I recommend Profounders Business Setup Company to anyone seeking assistance with their Golden Visa application or any other business setup needs. Your professionalism, knowledge, and personalised service make you the top choice in this field.

Authorities We Work With


Do I require a local sponsor or partner to establish a corporation in Dubai?

For mainland company formations, having a local sponsor (UAE national) as a partner or agent is mandatory. However, in Free Zones, foreign investors can maintain full ownership without the necessity of a local sponsor.

What is the typical timeframe for forming a company in Dubai?

The duration for establishing a startup varies based on the entity type and jurisdiction. Starting a company in a Free Zone typically ranges from 1 to 4 weeks, whereas setting up a mainland company may take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks.

What factors should I consider when selecting a business location?

When choosing a location, it’s crucial to consider aspects such as the nature of the business activity, target market, accessibility to suppliers and customers, proximity to transportation hubs, availability of skilled labour, and the cost of rent or leasing.

Is having a physical office space necessary to set up a firm?

Yes, most establishments require a physical office space. However, certain Free Zones provide flexible alternatives like virtual offices or co-working spaces, which can be advantageous in terms of cost-effectiveness, especially for startups and small businesses.

Is it possible to obtain residency through establishing a UAE company?

Absolutely, specific business setups enable entrepreneurs and investors to acquire residency visas for themselves and their families. Eligibility criteria and requirements vary based on the company type and investment amount.