Best Translation Company in Dubai

ProFounders is your trusted partner for legalizing and translating documents in Dubai. We support entrepreneurs in setting up a business in the UAE by efficiently translating essential documents, facilitating quick and seamless company formation. Our services ensure compliance with local regulations, helping businesses establish themselves swiftly and effectively. Our expert translators ensure accurate and confidential translations for all types of legal documents. By partnering with ProFounders, you can be confident that your documents will meet all legal requirements, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Besides this, you can also reach out to us for document clearing and PRO services in Dubai.

Translation & Legalization

Our Services Include

Translation Services

  • Professional translation of business documents, contracts, and agreements in multiple languages.
  • Certified translations for official use, ensuring accuracy and acceptance by local authorities.

Legalization Services

  • Assistance with notarization, attestation, and legalization of documents.
  • Coordination with local embassies, consulates, and government bodies to ensure compliance with UAE regulations.

Document Preparation

  • Drafting and reviewing legal documents to meet the specific requirements of Dubai’s regulatory framework.
  • Comprehensive support in the preparation of business licenses, registration forms, and other essential paperwork.

Consultation Services

  • Expert advice on the legal implications of translated documents.
  • Guidance on the necessary steps to ensure your documents are recognized and valid in Dubai.

Why Choose Us for Legal Translation?


Our team is made up of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the legal and business landscape in Dubai.


We guarantee precise translations and thorough legalization processes to avoid any legal complications.


Quick turnaround times ensure your business operations are not delayed.


Continuous support throughout the document preparation and legalization process, making the complex simple.


Trusted by numerous entrepreneurs and businesses for our reliable and high-quality services.


Are your translations certified?

Yes, ProFounders provides certified translations that are accepted by government agencies and courts. Our translators are accredited, and our certification includes a signed statement attesting to the accuracy of the translation.

How much does translation cost?

The cost of translation depends on the length of the document, the language pair, and the complexity of the content. We offer a transparent pricing model and provide a detailed quote before starting any project.

What measures do you take to ensure the confidentiality of documents?

ProFounders take confidentiality very seriously. All our translators sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and we use secure file transfer methods and data encryption to protect documents.

What is the turnaround time for a translation project?

The turnaround time varies depending on the document’s length and complexity. However, we offer expedited services for urgent projects. Typical projects are completed within 1-3 business days.