UAE Residency Visas Opportunities Unveiled

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How to Become a UAE Resident?

Depending on your situation—work, investment, or family sponsorship, for example—many processes are involved in becoming a resident of the United Arab Emirates. Here is a thorough how-to guide for relocating to the United Arab Emirates:

Employment Visa

Your company will sponsor your employment visa if you have been hired in the United Arab Emirates. Usually, the procedure entails-

Contract and employment Offer: Acquire a contract and employment offer from an employer in the United Arab Emirates.

Work Permit: Your company submits an application for a work permit to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE).

Entry Permit: Upon approval of the work permit, you will receive a visa that will allow you to enter the United Arab Emirates.

Medical Screening: A physical checkup ensures you’re healthy enough to work.

Emirates ID: To apply for an Emirates ID, visit the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA).

Issuance of the Resident Visa: The resident visa is issued electronically on the ICP authority mobile app.

Investor Visa

Investors can get a resident visa by beginning a business or making real estate investments in the UAE. The procedure consists of:

Business Setup: Depending on the nature of the enterprise, establish a corporation in the United Arab Emirates with a minimum capital investment.

Application: Fill out the investor visa application and send your investment documentation.

Emirates ID and Medical Screening: Finish the Emirates ID and medical screening application.

Issuance of Residency Visa: Have your passport issued and viewed on the ICP authority mobile app.

Family Sponsorship

Citizens may apply for a residency visa for their parents, children, and spouse. The actions are:

Eligibility Check: Ensure you fulfill the salary and accommodation standards before sponsoring family members.

Application Submission: Send in the necessary paperwork, such as tenancy agreements, pay stubs, and relationship verification.

Emirates ID application and medical screening: Family members apply for and get Emirates IDs.

Resident Visa issuance: The resident visas are issued and viewed on the sponsor’s ICP authority mobile app.

Steps to Obtain a Residence Visa in the UAE

Depending on the kind of visa, many processes are involved in acquiring a resident permit for the United Arab Emirates. Here’s a broad rundown:

Medical Assessment

Get screened for diseases at an approved UAE medical facility. A chest X-ray and blood test are commonly used to screen for infectious illnesses.

Application for an Emirates ID

To apply for an Emirates ID, visit the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) or a typing center. Give us your biometric information, such as a picture and your fingerprints.

Health Insurance

Acquire health insurance, as it is required for all UAE citizens. Employers often provide employee health insurance, although investors and family sponsors are responsible for making arrangements.

Stamping of Residence Visas

For a visa stamp, submit your passport to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). This completes your resident visa, enabling you to live lawfully in the United Arab Emirates.

Renewal Process for a UAE Residence Visa

Before the visa expires, you must complete renewing a resident visa for the United Arab Emirates. To renew your passport, take these steps:

Get the Necessary Paperwork Ready

  • Original passport and Emirates ID.
  • Current passport-sized photos.
  • Tenancy agreement or evidence of lodging.
  • Application for renewal.

✔ Medical Assessment

Proceed with a medical examination at a designated facility, akin to the first visa application procedure.

✔ Apply for Renewal

Apply for renewal at Amer service center, typing centers, or the GDRFA website.

✔ Health Insurance

Ensure your health insurance is current and extends throughout the extended visa.

✔ Remit Fees

The necessary renewal fees vary depending on the kind of visa.

✔ Issuance of Residence Visas

Once approved, your residency visa will be issued electronically by the GDRFA to your ICP authority mobile app. You will receive a renewed Emirates ID along with residency visa electronically and the physical card after a few days.

Obtaining a Long-Term Residence Visa in the UAE

The UAE grants Golden Visas, or long-term residency permits, to specific types of foreign nationals, such as investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, specialized talent, and exceptional students. How to apply for a long-term resident visa is as follows:


Investors: Those who invest money in start-ups, real estate, or public ventures.

Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs run a registered startup or have creative initiatives in progress.

Specialized Talents: Doctors, scientists, researchers, and other experts in in-demand sectors are examples of specialized talents.

Standout Students: Promising scholars from both secondary and tertiary education institutions.

Procedure for Application

Investor Visa: Provide evidence of investment and business-related documentation for an investor visa.

Entrepreneur Visa: Present proof of invention and business registration documentation.

Specialized Talent Visa: Provide research contributions, academic and professional qualifications, and other pertinent documentation.

Student Visa: To obtain a student visa, you must present evidence of enrollment, recommendation letters, and academic records.

Emirates ID and Medical Examination

Apply for an Emirates ID and finish the medical screening process.

Validation and Issuance of Visas

Once approved, your residency visa will be issued electronically by the GDRFA to your ICP authority mobile app. You will be issued a long-term resident visa for five or ten years, depending on your category.

Cancelling Your UAE Residence Visa

Use these procedures to terminate your UAE residency visa if necessary:

Employee-Sponsored Termination

If your visa depends on your work, your employer must initiate the cancellation procedure. They will use a typing center or the GDRFA to apply for the termination of their visa.

Visa for Investors or Self-sponsorship

If you are an investor or self-sponsored, you can apply immediately for a visa cancellation through the GDRFA or an approved typing center.

Essential Records

original passport and Emirates ID. Sponsor-signed cancellation form (where applicable).

Send in your Application

Fill out the cancellation form at a typing center or the GDRFA. Your passport will have a cancellation of visa stamp.

Grace Duration

Normally, you have 30 days to depart the UAE or modify the status of your visa upon cancellation.

Complete Settlement

Pay off any outstanding debts before departing the United Arab Emirates, including loans and energy bills.

It might appear difficult to navigate the UAE residency visa procedure, but with the appropriate help, it becomes simple and doable. Whether you want to become a resident, renew your visa, apply for a long-term visa, or even cancel an existing one, ProFounders is committed to providing thorough help for all your visa needs. You can concentrate on securing your future in Dubai because of our experience, which guarantees that every procedure stage is handled effectively and professionally. Contact us now to begin your easy and confident path to UAE residence.